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If you have used a collection service in the past you should have an idea of what rate you want however here are some typical numbers

B2B Low 8% High 38% Average 22.5%

B2C Low 18% High 50% Average 38%

Medical Low 18% High 50% Average 35%

The more you have, dollars and/or accounts typically will get you the best rates. Age of accounts is also a huge factor. Accounts aged 30/60/90 days are more desirable and collectable then ones that are over a year old.

Judgments and Landlord-Tenant

Low 15% High 50% Average 40% plus 10% upfront

These types of files are tricky to negotiate, the most successful companies need an upfront fee to execute a judgment. 10% of the judgment amount upfront plus an additional amount on the backend will typically get you the best results.

Other: Your guess is as good as ours. Maybe you have a combination of Business accounts and Individuals, Maybe your debts fall in a category slightly different from one of the above. Just describe what you and we will do our best to match you with a debt collection vendor.

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