Account Release Form

For collection of past due accounts involving, commercial debts and business-to-business transactions the following fees are applied, after collection:

$500 or more & under one year old: 25%

Less than $500, over one year old, International Accounts, Skip Tracing, Second Placements, Consumer Claims Legal Demand or Litigation: 38%

Both parties agree for you to report any contact or payment from the debtor immediately. All funds recovered will be deposited by DCE and remitted to you after deduction of our fees. You will be liable to DCE for the fees set forth in this agreement on any and all funds, which you receive, directly from debtors whose accounts have been placed with DCE. Pursuant to this agreement, you hereby authorize DCE to receive and endorse in your company’s name any and all checks, notes, drafts, bills of exchange or other orders for the payment of money payable or endorsed to you which come to DCE’ possession by virtue of its acting as your collection agent, and remit the proceeds to you, less any fees which may be due DCE. Special authorization is not required to move to legal demand, compromise, settle balances, accept monthly payments, forward, or grant an extension. If merchandise returns are made, payment was made prior to placing, or the account was placed in error, you will pay the fees set forth in this agreement based upon the invoice value of such merchandise, amount of payment, or total dollar amount of placed account. If you withdraw an account submitted to DCE pursuant to this agreement before DCE has effected collection, or before DCE deems the account un-collectable you will be liable to DCE for the fees DCE would have earned had it collected the withdrawn account in full. By placing these accounts, you also agree to provide the legal documentation to DCE in order to prove the debt is legally owed. If this documentation is not provided within thirty (30) days of request, you will be liable to DCE for the fees DCE would have earned had it collected the account in full. All requests to withdraw an account from DCE must be sent to our office via certified mail thirty (30) days prior to the requested date. Prior to forwarding to outside counsel, the client must approve the creditor’s suit and is responsible for any requested upfront suit costs which would be necessary to commence filing suit. It is agreed to by both parties that this account release form is for each and every account placed with DCE unless a future account release form is agreed to by both parties. By placing accounts with DCE, you are certifying that these are valid debts and agree to be liable for all legal costs if DCE has to defend an action brought against DCE because the debt is not valid.

We authorize The Debt Collection Experts, Inc. to perform collection services to all the accounts submitted for the collection program.

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